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Mysterious outgoing calls everyday from booster history

I found out in the transaction history that there were mysterious outgoing calls to the same number 6475804002 which I did not know about and I never called that number before. The transactions are usually a few seconds only, just enough to deduct 1 minute each time from my voice booster. Did anyone have this number in their history? Is there a problem with Koodo or just me?

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It is likely calls to check your voicemail, or callers forwarded to it. Search using the term '4002' for more information.
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That looks like a voicemail access number. When people call you and you don't answer, your usage history shows an outgoing call to that number. These calls should not affect your booster minutes. If you are in fact seeing a reduction in the number of minutes remaining, call customer service and complain.
Thanks guys. I will do an experiment and see if that is the case and also check if booster minutes are affected.