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My prepaid one time top up of $15 was automatically and repeatedly debited many times to over $600

I topped up once for $15, my account balance now is at around $645 and I've already received multiple credit card debits as if a bug or hacker has repeated the transactions over and over again.

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Whoa I haven't heard this one before. How did you top up exactly? You can call your credit card company to see about it being reversed given how recently it happened. If not then definitely contact Koodo about it. Unless an employee happens to be here tonight you won't be able to get help from Koodo until around 9am tomorrow whether or not you call or send a message via Facebook Messenger or DM via Twitter.
If your bank let that many transactions go through and not block them for possible fraud, you should probably change banks. That is 43 transactions at $15. Capital One keeps sending me possible fraud alerts for a lot fewer transactions than that.