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my payment was due april 21 2014 on a preauthorized payment plan but payment has not been deducted as of yet

and today is april 22 2014

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is there anybody there
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Hi, this is a public forum for Koodo community members. We answer when we can. If it's a pre-authorized credit card it should be instant but if it hasn't showed up then something's wrong. Could be it expired or you got a new card #? Your best bet is to call Koodo at 1-866-995-6636 or *611 from your Koodo cell for this issue. We can't access your account here.
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Hello Keith. It takes 30 days aprox. for pre authorized credit card payments to register to the system. Depending on the day you reigistered the credit card it wont take effect until the 30 days and then should automatically take off when your next bill is due. You should be able to login to your self serve account and make a one time credit card payment 🙂