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my mobile data won't work

I just got my samsung s3 unlocked so i could use my pre-paid koodo plan .but my mobile data is not working .. ive had this problem before with another phone but cant recall how to fix it please help me lol

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Try the suggestions here:


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Make sure your APN is set to the following:

Koodo APN Settings 

APN sp.koodo.com 
Proxy leave blank 
Port leave blank 
Username leave blank 
Password leave blank 
Server leave blank 
MMSC http ://aliasredirect.net/proxy/koodo/mmsc ;
MMS Proxy 
MMS Port 80 
MCC 302 
MNC 220 
Authentication type None 
APN type leave blank 
APN Protocol IPv4 
APN roaming protocol IPv4 
Enable/Disable APN APN enabled 
Bearer Unspecified
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Hey R.J,

Have you tried to configure the APN as Timo suggested? Do you still need help?

Keep us posted!
Yes . I got it ..thank you so much
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R.J. De Groat wrote:

Yes . I got it ..thank you so much

Glad to hear that R.J, feel free to create a new discussion on our Community whenever you need help 🙂
Worked perfect no flaws at all