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My LG G4 says I've used 0.53MB but self-serve says I've used 5.840 / 1024 MB. How?

I just added the 1gb booster to my prepaid plan and I tested it out if it works with an app, Transit Now to be exact, which tracks when the TTC will arrive at your stop. I've turned it on and turned it off less than 15secs. It says I used. 0.46MB. The other apps says I've used 0.01 to 0.06MB which totals up to 0.53MB. When I check self-serve, it says I've used 5.840MB..Why? EDIT: I just checked it again, now it went down to 0.547MB..what's going on?

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Just for future reference, the data meter from your carrier is always the one to go by because that's how you'll be billed. The built in phone data counters will sometimes measure pic messages or WiFi usage when they won't count against your data, and if the cycle doesn't match your carriers than the discrepancies can be even larger. Now as for this particular circumstance, like I already mentioned, it could be that your data cycle on your phone is offset from Self Serve, so its not showing you the proper dates for data calculation. Or it could simply be a glitch. Again, always go by Self Serve and not any app on your phone.
Jonathan I wrote:

Just for future reference, the data meter from your carrier is always the one to go by because th...

Thanks. Yea, I'll gladly go by self-serve, but when it says I used a lot more than I did, I won't accept it. I set the date the day I added the data booster. Turned it on for about 15secs to see if it works and tried the app. Anyways, the self serve and my data record on my phone matches so I'm alright for now. Do you know about "reservation"? One of the Koodo employee commented this that might explain what happened to me. https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/ive-used-6-megs-to-date-here-it-says-ive-used-27-megs-wifes-always-says-more-than-shes-used " Yannick, Employee Hi there, let me bring a bit of clarification. There is no magic usage and it's actually called a “reservation” 🙂 What happens is that an amount of data - usually 20MB, but up to 100MB - is automatically reserved for data sessions, to ensure uninterrupted browsing (e.g. less buffering when streaming videos, downloading files or apps, uploading of pictures to social sites like Instagram, viewing maps, etc). The reservation lasts one hour. If the total amount reserved is used, another reservation is made. If it hasn't been used in totality, the remaining amount is "released" until another session is started. On Self Serve, the usage meter will show the data amount that includes the reservation, while the data record (with more details) is showing the accurate amount used, without reservation. I hope it's more clear now :)" Any thoughts on that Jonathan?