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My booster i paid for is not working. I paid 25 for a booster for talk time.. and yet I cannot see it on my account nor can i make calls.

okay i just bought a koodoo booster for minutes on my phone. twenty five dollars i paid for. and boosted it on Saturday at upper canada mall in Newmarket, ONtario. But today I tried to make a call during the day and it said I didnt have a booster. I topped up twenty five on saturday the 13th of this month. the pin number was622867416259 . I am curious what is going on. I paid thirty five dollars for the monthly base plan and 25 for a booster of talk time. Why can't I use my phone? where is my booster???

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If you can't see it on your account I would definitely try calling koodo. Try refreshing the page one more time just to make sure if it still isn't there. Also one more thing you could try is seeing if you have 3g or WCDMA (same thing) enabled in your phone settings.
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Todd, did you actually buy the booster? Topping up is only half the job :oP After you've added your money into your account, you need to login to self-serve and use those funds to buy your $25 voice booster. Then, and only then, will your voice airtime work appropriately 🙂
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So when you have prepaid Koodo, you need to pay for a base plan plus any add ons you may need. The $25 prepaid base plan only gives you talk after 7pm and weekends. If you try to make a call during the day, it will not work unless you add a daytime talk booster from $5-25. I recommend switching your base plan to the $50 unlimited talk and text. Good luck.