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Cheryl Alliett I have been with KooDo for 2-3 years as a "pay as you go" customer and today I decided I was going to search for an upgrade so I went looking and seen the phone I wanted at KOODO and because I am a pay as you go "loser" in the eyes of the employees I asked about a trade in for the Samsung I currently have for an upgrade,nope but if you want we can sign you up for a 2 year plan and you can get this phone,the phone I inquired about without a plan is $450 or mame we can see if we can get you a refurbished one exactly like this for $150.So I moved on and searched at another location and low and behold there is the phone I had just required about at Koodo's for $269 no plan required I can purchase and have it as a pay as you go,,guess where I am going this week to purchase this phone,and get rid of Koodo thanks for the service and also for pushing this PAY AS YOU GO customer away.NOT A HAPPY PERSON WITH KOODO'S or their employees

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Hi Cheryl, prepaid is less than 2 years old with Koodo (August 2012)... and you can't ever get a subsidized phone with prepaid - that goes for any carrier actually. Sure you can upgrade but you'd need to buy the phone full price, or find a discounted phone as you did, or you can even get one from anywhere and pay whatever your budget allows 🙂 Sorry you're leaving because right now Koodo prepaid is one of the most awesome plans available in Canada for light to medium users! PS a $150 refurbished deal for a $450 phone is not an offer I would have let go, I think that was very generous indeed!
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Sophia wrote:

Hi Cheryl, prepaid is less than 2 years old with Koodo (August 2012)... and you can't ever get a ...

I have bought Koodo refurbs twice so far, and on both occasions, they looked brand new (and even smelled new!). I buy refurbs whenever I can now, they're easily packing double the value vs brand new.