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MotoG with Finance

  • 24 July 2014
  • 2 replies

I am looking for Moto G without any Tabs and a plan.Is there any finance scheme available?If not here Can any one suggest the other ones.

2 replies

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The Tab is the finance scheme. If anything it is an interest free loan as long as you have a monthly plan. You other options would be a credit card or a line of credit from your bank
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Buy the Moto G for $150. Its the cheapest quad core device out there. Id recommend going on a Small Tab though. You get the device for $0 and in many places will offer a.gift card attachment. (Best buy, WOW! Mobile, Wireless Wave etc.) If you go on Tab, you're only "locked in" for the $150 anyway. After 2 years, the Tab balance is guaranteed to be $0. That seems like quite the perfect scheme 😛