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Mobile version of the prepaid activation website!

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Prepaid can be activated online 24/7. Of course, this is very convenient and because of this I was able to bring many people over to Koodo prepaid at any time of the day (I always keep a stack of new SIMs ready to go). On one occasion, though, I had to proceed using my phone. To say the experience was underwhelming is an understatement. Too much zooming in followed by too much zooming out, awkward taps, you get the picture. Using a desktop-formatted website on a mobile device that is not a tablet is a pain. A serious one. So, I propose the prepaid activation website gets a major mobile overhaul to allow us mass-activators to bring over more people and look good in the process. Seriously Koodo, do it! Give a mobile face to your activation website 🙂 I'll be first in line to shake the hand of whoever makes this possible!

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Hey David, Great idea. Thanks for submitting. We've looked at it and found that our current activation system (the backend stuff) doesn't support this option. Something to consider when/if we change our system.