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Make Prepaid and Postpaid the same.

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Koodo should make their postpaid SIM cards and prepaid SIM cards work off of one type. For people who live in smaller areas there are lots of Koodo stores but alot of them are run through Telus dealers. These types of dealers dont sell prepaid SIM cards, making it harder for them to activate prepaid phones without travelling to cities.

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Angela, from what we know, Koodo prepaid is SO different from Koodo postpaid that they require their own SIM cards. I know other carriers manage to use the same SIMs, but probably it was easier for Telus to use different SIMs. Koodo prepaid (as well as the recently-acquired Public Mobile) are the only two prepaid services in Canada with rollover addons/boosters. It may be part of the reason for different SIMs, but I don't know if it's the case. Prepaid SIMs can also be ordered from the Koodo webstore, so you're not entirely out of luck. Of course, you won't have it "right now", but with a bit of planning, it's doable! 🙂