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Lost booster when I changed my plan

  • 20 April 2018
  • 7 replies

I changed from the $25 UNL MSG + free nights and weekends to the $25 UNL MSG + 250MB and it dropped one of the data boosters I had. 

Since my old plan did not include data, I relied on using data boosters and had a 500MB booster with approx 50MB left and a 1GB booster with approx 700MB left.  When I changed the plan, I lost my 1GB booster! 

How do I get this fixed?

7 replies

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Try to refresh the page.  Does it come back?

If not, you will need to send a private message to koodo via facebook or twitter
Okay, I can see my talk booster and my 500MB booster, but not my 1GB one.  I'll message them, thanks. 
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There were similar issues with the web site last November when they introduced limited-time BONUS boosters. It's since been fixed. But I still feel safer with *611 transactions in Prepaid.
A friend of mine also lost a 1000 minutes booster when switching plans.
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Have them contact Koodo, though I haven't heard of this happen really... are they absolutely sure that is what happened?
They got it back after contacting Koodo.
The explanation was that the booster was no longer offered, but the rep agreed to give them the minutes as "good will".
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My gawwwd, don't tell me we're back to that black hole again.

PLEASE, before making any changes take a screen shot of your current boosters, in the phone usage tab. That's what the service reps can see on their screen. Fixes/repairs up to $## in value can be relatively hassle-free.

Lost a whole bunch of stuff during an on-line purchase that was quickly restored except for one item I didn't notice the first time around. The rep did such a fine job in doing the rest that I just let it slide by since he had reached his authorization limit.