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Login Generic error

  • 17 November 2016
  • 8 replies


I am getting pre-paid self serve login generic error. Used to login in past with out error.

Oh no!

It looks like something went wrong, but don’t panic.
Log out and then log back in again to continue. Or return to the Login Page.

Tried clearing cache. Used different browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge) on different machines (desktop, laptop, phone). All the time same error.

Please help.
Thanks in advance.

8 replies

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I'll ask one of the mobile masters with prepaid to see if they are having a similar issue
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Looks like others are able to log in.

When did you login to your prepaid self serve account last?  When did you set it up?

Maybe give it a try to see if this is working now?
Thanks for the reply.

Last time successful logged could be one month back (approx).

Tried again with cache cleared. No luck, same error.

Appreciate your help.
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Hi CanMac, I looked in our system using the email address you used to post this question, and found two different accounts using it as a Self-Serve login; one Koodo Prepaid, one Public Mobile. This would be the reason why you are getting this error message. I suggest you call in, in order to get the Self-Serve account deleted and re-created using a different email address.
Thanks for checking and providing the help. I was not aware that using same email for Koodo and Public Mobile is issue.

By deleting and creating new account, will I loss all the history? Is there a way to change the login email? Can you please help, if I PM any details that can help to change the login?

Appreciate your help and support.
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Hi, in order to change your email, you need to be able to log in. If you are able to log in the Public Mobile account, you can go change the email there (My Profile - Change Username and Email). if this is successful, you might be able to log in. If not, you can always send us a Private Message on Facebook and we'll help you out. Also, changing email, or deleting/re-creating an account will not erase any history.
Thanks a lot for your help and guidance. As guided I could able to successfuly login to Koodo account after changing my login email at Public Mobile.

Please consider my problem solved.

Once again thanks.