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local call or long distance call

I'm a newcomer in Edmonton, and just buy prepaid sim from Koodo. I have 15$base plan plus Booster for call 500 minutes, but I wonder which destination for call is considered as long distance? If I want to call my friend in Ontario, Toronto, If it will be considered as long distance or local call? Thank you.

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Hi Piyarat,

If you made a call to Toronto from Edmonton the phone call will be long distance. Keep in mind that the Booster for minutes is Canada-wide so you don't need to worry about it using up your minutes faster as it is a designated $0.05/minute regardless of where you call in Canada. On the prepaid page on Koodo it explains a few more details in regards to how phone calls work in regards to your Booster, I've provided a link below for you to have a look at. http://koodomobile.com/en/on/plansandboosters.shtml Hope that helps 🙂
Thank you very much for your kind assistance. You clarified me a lot. Have a good day.