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Local and Canada wide in 25$ Prepaid based plane in none Weekends&Evenings.

What is the price (rate/min) in 25$ based prepaid plan during none weekends & evenings(Local)? Can I talk Canada wide with this Based plan if yes how much does it cost?

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You won't be able to call non- evenings and weekends unless you buy a talk booster. Note that boosters never expire as long as your base plan is active http://koodomobile.com/en/on/plansandboosters.shtml
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In addition to your $25 base plan, you will need a Canada-wide talk booster which will allow you talk Canada-wide. Canada-wide talk boosters: $25 - 500 Anytime Minutes at 5¢/min $10 - 100 Anytime Minutes at 10¢/min $5 - 25 Anytime Minutes at 20¢/min