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Let's expand Emergency Calls for Kids Mental Health

Many kids plans in Canada are for messaging and emergency calls only. Kids need a safe place to talk, sometimes without the knowledge of their parents. I'd like to see Kids Help Line be included in the allowable Emergency Calls and not count as minutes used. By initiating this, Koodo will show the country that they actively support Mental Health issues all year round... Not just in a yearly campaign.

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I think this idea has potential however what about everyone else who may need a safe place to talk? The next door neighbor who is beaten daily and wants to help, what about those that feel suicidal? what about .....there are millions of people that just need a safe place to talk at what point do we draw the line? How do we decide which group of people are more important than another? How do we choose which issue is more serious and needs help now, because I can tell you that to everyone that has a certain issue that to them are vital but may not be to everyone else. I agree that certain issues may need more attention, time and services. I also agree that mental health needs more support there are a TON of other issues that also need support and could benefit from what you are suggesting? Kids helpline is also partially supported government and they have volunteers....the smokers helpline is staffed by drs, peer support, health nurses etc etc they are all government funded as well .  Many woman shelters get grants to provide a roof and food for a woman and her children......none of these are funded soley by volunteers, I think you would be surprised at just how much they are funded (not whole but a good percentage) the kids helpline already DOES accept colllect calls as well they have a 1800 number so do most of the agencies that support this needs,.,,,,,if people want to call and ask for help they will, whether or not they have a cell phone, pay phones still exsist, most homes have phones, friends usually have phones, schools have phones, and counsellors.........I also feel that if a child is in this much trouble than they need to get the help of the adult, handing them a phone and saying "here call them yourself" is pointless, YOU as that adult can make the call for them or you can sit beside them while they take that step....There is nothing any agency can do if the person is not willing to help themselves.

Sorry this is just my opinion. I realize that it may not be a popular opinion but thats ok, it's mine and just like everyone else I have the right to share it just as much as you do yours or as you to do to pass this on by and ignore it .
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Barb Leigh wrote:

I think this idea has potential however what about everyone else who may need a safe place to tal...

Posted one day ago and one response 11 hours ago. Think it's a great idea. I hope others do too.
Barb Leigh wrote:

I think this idea has potential however what about everyone else who may need a safe place to tal...

I agree with you that it would be wonderful to have crisis lines and women shelters as part of the emergency calls. That just gets more tricky as the numbers change with every city/region. Kids Help Line is a national number and would be easier to include nationally as an emergency call. I just see it as a good start. As far as letting kids use my phone... absolutely. If all adults were as compassionate as you, we probably wouldn't need Kids' Help Line.