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Koodo Service Billing issue

Why am I being charged for my incoming calls and being deducted minutes for those calls? Why did Koodoo take money from my account before the arranged payment date? Where are all my minutes going?

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What plan are you on? Pre authorized debits are taken once the bill is generated, that's all in the pre authorized payment agreements terms of service. When you you signed up for them you agreed to it.
BS. I just topped up my base plan and not a week later they take out a payment? I've paid out over $80 in less than 2 weeks. WTF?
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Can you cut the attitude? I'm a customer just like you. I'll try to help but if your going to go feed me BS I'll pass. What is your baseplan and what boosters do you have? What calls were you charged for?
I just found out people have been trying to call and can NOT get through. I am out of minutes yet I paid for free incoming etc?