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Koodo Prepaid US roaming issue

Just a quick note that if you are on Koodo Prepaid and purchase US roaming boosters, your phone will NOT work in the US if you simply set your phone to roam and automatically choose networks. While this will suffice for other carriers, it doesn't work with Koodo. I found this out the hard way, when I paid for the boosters (talk, text, and data) and set my wife's phone to roam and to automatically choose networks.   Problem was, when she hit Seattle, she realized she had no service! She was choked, as she badly needed GPS and was relying on her phone to keep in touch during a family health crisis back at home.

Long story short, I ended up driving to Seattle (!) to help her out, only to find that you need to manually choose the AT&T network on the phone while in the USA in order for the prepaid roaming to work there. Koodo needs to publish this in their "how to" section about getting prepaid roaming to work in the US. This lack of information caused us stress, time, and $.

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When I bought the US roaming talk booster, it showed up instantly while I was in Arizona after a phone reboot. Getting data to work involved manually setting the carrier to AT&T and enabling data roaming.

Agree that a how-to would help, but I can understand that people buying the booster before leaving Canada would have a hard time getting AT&T to populate the carrier list.

For those not requiring roaming boosters, using MapFactor Navigator or HERE apps allow for GPS navigation en-route without requiring data services if you download the appropriate maps beforehand while on wifi.
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BobTheElectrician wrote:

When I bought the US roaming talk booster, it showed up instantly while I was in Arizona after a ...

I'll add my favourite to BobTheElectrician's list: Copilot. Not free, but worth every penny.

Koodo's US Roaming Talk and Text Boosters are a complete joke. A waste of money.  I bought both and went to the States for a week and had zero service anywhere.  I even tried to choose AT&T as a carrier (Dallas, Texas) and got no service.  There is no customer service with Koodo, so no way to get help with this.  A sort of a Survivor episode... there seems to be no way to get my money back, unless I call Koodo and pay more money to talk to a customer service rep. I'm seriously considering just switching to Telus or Bell.
Just spent 2 hours on the phone with Koodo.  Waiting for a call back from engineering(tech) after being shuttled between 3 tech representatives. They told me that AT&T just started to have data problems and even when I switched over to T-Mobile data still did not work.  Talk and text boosters work fine.  Always ask for the loyalty department if the issue is not resolved.  Thought it has taken time I have always found the Koodo reimburses me considering the time I track dealing with problems.