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Koodo prepaid connection keeping drops, Whats going on?

For the past 2 weeks, my phone's network connection suddenly keeping drop, Setting were all right (sp.koodo.com), sometimes its stable, but most of time, the phone has no internet connection no matter where I were. I thought it might be my sim card, so replaced it with a new prepaid sim card from Koodo store, but I'm still getting the same issue. Today My wife's phone (with Koodo prepaid plan too) has the same connection issue! the LTE is on and off, on and off, on and off,...., and going on. Whats going on? I'm with Koodo since Dec last year without any issue, but suddenly it happened since 2 weeks ago.

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Where are you and what phone do you have?
TheCanadian wrote:

Where are you and what phone do you have?

Steels & Warden, Sheppard & Warden, Scarborough Town Center, Note 2 and Nexus 5, both have Koodo prepaid.
TheCanadian wrote:

Where are you and what phone do you have?

Warden & 401
I'm in Sherbrooke with a Nexus 5 and have had this exact problem for the past 4 days.
Same issue here. My data connecting keep flickering on and off. Intermittent connection. Call in to customer service, they are working on it, and said they can't do anything. Galaxy s3 in GTA.
same issue still not resolved....
Same issue here in Winnipeg, Moto G, H+ data symbol continually flashing on an off, over and over again........
Kitchener, ON. Nexus 4. Its really annoying.
I have an iPhone 5, still can't get data and can't even call customer service to talk to them. It's been about 5 days too. So I pay for a month of service, and get 5 day (and counting) where my phone doesnt work...
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My phone (Galaxy SIIX) has been doing this the last couple weeks as well. Have to restart the phone and it seems to help for awhile.
It's acting up again here in gta today. 400 plus connections in 4 hours. Killing the battery.