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Koodo Kiosk sold me incorrect SIM for my account.

  • 18 April 2017
  • 2 replies

The Koodo kiosk sold me the wrong SIM card for my phone. The only question I was asked was "what size card do you need?" The Koodo kiosk says they do not give refunds. I would like a refund.

2 replies

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That's unfortunate. We can't assist much on our end, though. You'll have to discuss this with the kiosk manager. Why doesn't it work, though? Did you get a prepaid instead of postpaid, or vice versa? If it's not activated I think you should be able to return it. If the kiosk refuses to deal with the situation, have you tried contacting Koodo through Facebook or Twitter about this issue? You can reach an agent that way, and they can provide further support.
I was sold a postpaid when I needed a prepaid.  As I wasn't offered a choice I just paid for what I was given and told to activate it online as I did not have the phone with me. The self-serve site said my card was invalid and when I returned to the kiosk and sold the correct card I was informed of their no refund policy.

I was unaware of the Facebook and Twitter options and will try them.