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Koodo formerly pc mobile

  • 10 July 2019
  • 3 replies

Hello , I used the TD bank app to pay 55$ to my koodo prepaid account . when I wanted to add payee. 2 names appeared , "Koodo Mobile" and "Koodo formerly PC mobile" . When selecting Koodo Mobile and writing my account number , I couldn't pay the bill. Then when I selected "Koodo formerly PC mobile" and wrote my account number , it went through and I paid 55$ . Will the money land on my Koodo Prepaid account or I am in trouble ?

3 replies

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Koodo prepaid doesnt work like that. You need to add money to the account via koodo prepaid self serve

What happens to my money then ? I inserted my Koodo Prepaid account number .
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You will need to contact your back to get that reversed