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Kids plans

  • 12 November 2014
  • 4 replies

I am considering a phone for my granddaughter. Would like unlimited texting, game download ability but NO phone....is there such a creation?

4 replies

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Hi I think you probably want a prepaid plan, it has unlimited text for 15 a month and for minutes and data is just pay as you go via a Booster, it also never expires, so if you paid for 100 mb you will have it until you use it up
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Yes there is! But only on prepaid. The plan itself is a $15 unlimited texting plan, but for dowloading games, you'd probably want to get her that plan with an add-on for internet service in order to download. I would recommend the $20 one. It has enough data for downloads, and unused amounts carry over to the next month without expiring until its all used up! Recommended: $15 prepaid texting plan $20 500MB data add-on.
I had the same question! Thanx!
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