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Keeps asking to verify credit card

I am currently using pre-paid self serve. When I try to top up my account, it keeps saying the card was not charged because we couldnt verify your credit card information. I have checked my credit card information and everything is correct as the billing information, but i still continue to get this error. Any help is appreciated, thankyou!

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Furthermore, I have topped up in the past with the same credit card. All of a sudden now it is saying that it cannot charge due to the credit card not being verified.
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Hey Kim, That's odd 😕 I would recommend giving it another try as it could be due to a temporary technical hiccup. Our new website is optimized for the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer & Safari. If you were already using one of these, make sure you get the latest version and try to clear the cache/cookies before logging into your account. Keep us posted! ******************************************** If you see a good answer, give it a star.
Tayeb A wrote:

Hey Kim, That's odd 😕 I would recommend giving it another try as it could be due to a tempora...

I am having this same issue. Has this been cleared up?I tried to remove the card and replace it, and it gives me the same error when I am trying to add it back to my account.
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Self-serve is in partial rehab right now. Sometimes old links workm and sometimes they don't. Call Koodo at *611, mention the fact that you have posted here, and they should be able to straighten things out at no charge.
Neither of the solutions have worked. I have resorted to going into the shop tomorrow, but thanks for the help anyways!
Have to use another card.