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Keeping phone number

I'm wondering if there is any ways to keep my phone number when I'm not using it for 2 months because of travelling.

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[b]I'm leaving the country for a few months. Can I still keep my account open? Great news! Koodo now offers the Seasonal Hold Plan for just $15/month. It lets you keep your Koodo phone number and account open while traveling outside of Canada. This plan temporary suspends your wireless service, including voice, data, and text, and your regular monthly plan charge. Go to koodomobile.com/selfserve to change your plan to Seasonal Hold. A few things to keep in mind: When you change your plan to Seasonal Hold, your previous monthly plan may not be available. But good news - you’ll be able to choose from any of our latest monthly plans. To be eligible, your account must be in good standing and active for at least one month. If you have a monthly Tab Charge, this charge will not be suspended while you’re are on the Seasonal Hold Plan. Only 911 calls can be placed while your phone is temporarily suspended. http://help.koodomobile.com/my-bill/billing-and-payment-options/i-am-leaving-the-country-for-a-few-months-can-i-still-keep-my-account-open
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[b]I'm leaving the country for a few months. Can I still keep my account open? Great news! K...

Any other solution to keep your number will involve porting it out somewhere and will close out your Koodo account if that's your only phone. Tab would have to settled on your last bill. Then start a new Koodo account when you get back, so it's not a really smooth solution. If you are on one of the old tab plans, say $30 a month for service plus $5 for tab contribution with Koodo contributing 15% of your bill (4.50 a month), while you are under seasonal hold, you will pay $15 + 5 (stays the same) and Koodo will continue contributing $2.25 per month (the 15%) while you are away, so your tab balance will continue to diminish. Re-activating your phone is as simple as making a plan change in self-serve. Can be done a day or so before you come back so that your cell service works before you arrive at the airport.
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If you're on prepaid, your only choice is to continue paying for your base plan. If you have one of the plans that includes a bundle of minutes in the monthly fee, you could drop down to the minimum $15 plan that doesn't include any minutes - but if you do this, wait until the day before it is set to renew.