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Keep Sim active for 1 year

I will travel in and out of Canada for business during the year and want to keep my SIM active but will not pay for the services during months I'm not here. I was told in the shop if I put a $100 credit on the account the SIM cancellation period changes from 90 days to one year. Is this true?

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I have never heard of this. I'll pass it on to our liason and either they, or another mobile master will reply back to you.
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K so I just spoke with our group of mobile masters and it seems Koodo does NOT have anything like this. Sorry about that. You can get a seasonal hold for a while but not a year.
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Most economical but requires some vigilance on your part: switch to prepaid. Porting your number will automatically close your post-paid account and require settling a final bill including the tab balance.

Load up on prepaid with whatever minutes/data you might require over a 6 month period. Pay for your baseplan manually, don't auto-renew.

While your account is active, you can use your boosters in 30-day chunks. Not renewing the baseplan will make your account dormant. You can let your base plan lapse for up to 89 days and your boosters will still be there when you renew (30 day minimum).

While your account is dormant, renew the baseplan just before coming back to Canada (within the 89 day period) and you will have 30 days service that you must renew manually.

Let the baseplan renewal lapse, and you have 89 days of floating free with no service. Just remember to mark your calendar so that you don't go over the 90 day limit and lose everything. It wouldn't hurt to buy a Koodo prepaid voucher to use in reserve in case there's a SNAFU with your credit card at some point while you are abroad.

All of this is done on-line in self-serve. No need to deal with customer service.

Had to do this while snowbirding in the era when prepaid roaming was not available.