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It says I've used more data and minutes than my phone does

I just got a new pre paid account and my phone says I have used 5 minutes which is correct and my self serve account shows I have used 17 minutes which does not seem correct as I only called a few people quickly after the phone was initially set up.

Also my phone shows I have used 6.4 mb and the self serve shows I have used 12 mb even though I was on wifi other than 1 facetime call for 6.3 mb . The only app that showed it used any mb of consequence was facetime that used the 6.3 I mentioned. No other apps show that data was used that would account for the rest of the data.

I am concerned that this is happening on day 1.  I am being billed for more than I am using. 

Again this is the very first month and day so it is not the other issue where the billing cycle does not match up with the phone like in other posts 

I am on the pre paid 15 base plan with the add ons of 30 bucks for 2000 mb of data and one for 25 for 1000 minutes of talk 

I am using an iphone 5s  have wifi assist off, data turned off for most apps 



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There is often a data reservation of a bit more than 5 MB, which will be consumed or released through the month. You should also confirm the tracking period on your phone matches your billing period, and check which applications may have used data. A number of short calls may add up to more minutes than shown on your phone, as all calling minutes are rounded up to the next minute.
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David wrote:

There is often a data reservation of a bit more than 5 MB, which will be consumed or released thr...

For most carriers, call minute consumption on prepaid starts when you begin dialing, not when the other party answers. Your handset probably tracks actual connect time only, since that's the way post-paid works.

The [b]usage history tab under phone services in prepaid self-serve may give you more detail on your usage and "leakage".