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Is there any charge for calling customer service to reset Self Serve password in prepaid plan?

I know you might answer "You can do it by yourself but I cannot. I am a monthly plan customer , recently I bought a new prepaid Sim for my son there was something wrong in Koodo web site for activating the Sim(It is another story I asked help here but no luck so I had to call customer service)  a polite and kind gentleman over there, activated the Sim card. I assume as he thought I am a new customer so without telling  or asking me  registered the new phone number  in Self Serve but he did not ask or tell the password or asked the answer for security question (He just asked for pin#)so I cannot log in or reset password of Self Serve myself.

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@SM Reza

If you cannot do it yourself you won't be charged. You can always ask the Agent if you actually will be charged or not at the beginning, anyway.
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Hello there,

Have you tried that option?