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is tethering possible?

using a prepaid plan with my android and sometimes using my tab or my notebook by using wlan or usb tethering.

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It's not a function of what Koodo plan you're on as long as you have data enabled. If your phone supports it, you can use it as a mobile hot spot. A warning though, using a phone as a hot spot for desktop or laptop computers is a good way to chew thru data very quickly. Most internet sites recognize when you are accessing from a mobile device and will send out slimmed-down versions of pages and images to save bandwidth. Not the same story at all if you access from a normally land-bound device. My landline was down for a half day last year, and just half an hour total of brief tethering from my desktop cost 30 MB of data. Tab may do somewhat better.
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You may need to edit your apn settings to include 'dun' in the Apn Type