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Is booster usage chart chart inaccurate or am I just slow?

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I've bought three data boosters (1 GB) three times since joining Koodo prepaid: 23 Aug 2014, 19 Feb 2015 and 11 June 2015. Although this is shown on the Transactions page, the Booster Usage page shows only the start date of my plan (i.e. Aug 2014). Is there any way to see how many MBs I've paid for in total and how many I have left? I've tried to add up the data (and Talk Minutes) used each day, but that's quite tedious because there are so few lines of info on each page. I hope this question makes sense!

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Here's a screen shot. Booter Usage tab chosen. Is this not the info you want? If you go into the detailed transactions tab then it can get to be very boring, admittedly.

Maybe you need to flush the cache in your browser or temporarily sign in with a different one for the values to show up on your screen if you're not getting similar info.

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Thanks, Bob. I'll try another browser. The info in the Start Date and End Date columns are 2014 and 2064, even though I've added boosters in 2015. (Don't have a PrintScreen option on my keyboard.)