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Is a new Koodo SIM all I need for prepaid

Hi, To set up a prepaid account can I buy a new SIM off craigslist and then activate it online and will I get the $20 credit towards my account that I would get if I bought a SIM for full price from Koodo? Also, if i am picky about my phone number is it better to activate it in store or will I be able to choose an easy to remember with online activation. Thanks!

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Hi Jason, You could try purchasing the SIM card from Craigslist, however the $20 credit would not apply only for the purchase through Koodo. It would be preferable to purchase the SIM card at any Koodo store: http://koo.do/locator123 or online: http://koo.do/1hn6VuB. As for the phone number, activating online: http://koo.do/Q2fiAq, you may be limited. However, in store you may have a much broader selecting. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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Actually.... I bought both SIM cards from eBay for $5 and they both came with $20 credit on the two accounts 🙂 Make SURE your SIM mentions "Prepaid" though, some sellers don't know there is a difference!