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Invalid SIM when trying to activate koodo prepaid phone?

I just bought a prepaid koodo phone that came with a SIM card and everything but when I try to activate it online it keeps saying "invalid SIM". I was trying to find a number to call to activate it over the phone but if I read it correctly youre charged $35 when you activate over the phone?? Any help would be apriciated. Thank you

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Did it say that the first time you tried to enter the SIM Card #? If you did it more than once it's possible you already activated it and you can try to pop it in the phone and see if it works. Also make sure your entering the correct # on the card that actually goes into the phone. I'm not sure how prepaid phones are sold from Koodo and if it's in a package completely or if the sales person hands you a SIM Card or puts one in the box themselves but it's possible if the sales person had control over giving you the card somehow that they may have accidentally given you a postpaid SIM Card. Also did you buy the phone from Koodo or was it from a third party?
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Also are you trying to activate it as a prepaid phone or are you using it for a monthly account ? Prepaid Sims can only be activated on prepaid services.
This has happened to me twice in the last week with two different prepaid phones. I called Koodo and they told me to get a new card. Koodo is putting prepaid phones on the shelves with SIM cards that don't work! Then I had to buy a new card and they say they will credit my account after the fact but I'm still waiting for a callback from them (second time they have failed to call me back). One of the reasons I chose Koodo was it got good ratings for customer service but I have to say this entire experience has been a huge hassle, and I still don't have a cell phone. Prepaid customers don't seem to be a priority.