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International texting on Prepaid?

I'm moving to Sweden for ~10 months, and I'm keeping my phone + number active, as I don't want to give new contact info to everyone I know. I don't plan on doing any phone calls, but I will text. What are the charges for sending/receiving texts from Canada while I am in Sweden?

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Hi Driw, unfortunately prepaid with koodo only works in North America. You can unlock your phone and buy a SIM over seas to a carrier with a compatible network, that's your only option other than getting a postpaid plan with koodo but that would be more expensive than the first option.
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Consider unlocking your handset and porting your number to a service like Fongo when you leave. Handle Canadian calls and texts over wifi or a data connection using your Swedish SIM.

Check the rates carefully and do a test run before leaving Canada with another number to make sure it does want you need. Then port your Koodo number over once you are satisfied.

If that fills your requirements, you will have the best of both worlds... an inexpensive way of handling your current Canadian contacts as well as a local calling solution in Sweden.
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BobTheElectrician wrote:

Consider unlocking your handset and porting your number to a service like Fongo when you leave. H...

Only catch is to make sure Fongo will allow connection in Sweden (normally they'd require using the Fongo World app, which doesn't allow porting numbers).
Potential easy work-arounds are forwarding Fongo ported number from Koodo to Fongo World app number, or going with FreePhoneLine. FreePhoneLine won't handle SMS, but for $80 you get sip credentials, which you can pop into a sip client on your smartphone. If you can't log into Fongo app, SMS won't be accessible anyway.
If SMS is important and you can't log into Fongo app while in Sweden, then Voip.ms might be a better option (although slightly more expensive).
Do a test run, create a dummy Fongo account and have one of your contacts in Sweden log into it from Sweden.