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im trying to set up new phone with old number to prepaid accou but when i click last activate button takes me to this error page

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Are you choosing 'Activate a new phone" or 'Change SIM'?
Choosing Change SIM will transfer your current account info to the new SIM.

See this thread for a similar situation. 
i got it working  because i never clicked   yes to  all the options   ..  and now that im   done and  said  no to  register my  debit card    but i  did it  after the fact  .. it still wont let me access it to get the special  add on  booster for   free 
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Hey Pam! You'll still get the 100 minutes even if you registered your credit card after activation. It can take a few days to appear.  If you take a look at your account now it should be there 🙂