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i would like to switch my sim card to a cell to a phone that doesnt take one

i havent used my self serve yet so I cannot remember my username or password

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Hi April, I'm not sure what you mean here. If the sim card is still active, you can put this in any Koodo/unlocked phone and it should work. You can also reset your username and password (click on "Forgot your username"/"Forgot your password") on the self-server website. Hope this helps!
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If you can't reset your password online, then you'll need to call Koodo at *611 from your Koodo phone. The phone you're switching to MUST be a Koodo phone if it doesn't take sim card. Unlocked phones don't count in this case. Once you get access to your self-serve, go to 'change phone' and type in the MEID of the phone located behind the battery.