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I want a prepaid base plan that doesnt expire every month

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I would like to see a prepaid deal that didn't require a monthly top up. For instance I can pay Telus 100$ a year. Very convenient for people like my mother in law who barely used her LG Banter but has it just in case she wants to get a hold of us or has an emergency while she's out. I'd love to move her to Koodo prepaid but it's too expensive and doesn't fit her use.

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Hey Chad, I hear you. Right now, our current prepaid system won't be able to support something like this.
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That would be amazing@_@
It's actually possible. I have something similar from Koodo prepaid for my mother - she's on a monthly prepaid plan but I only pay the account once every 3 or 4 month. I can pay for a year or even more if I want. The monthly plan is $15 a month but I pay $50 which covers her for 3 month or so. I can pay $200 which covers her for a year.