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I've been switched to Prepaid without my authorizing it. I want to know why!

I pay monthly, after paying my last bill via cc I get notified I am now on a Prepaid plan. I didn't authorize it, I don't want it. You better sort it. I'm currently overseas for six more weeks. Incidentally, why do I have to resort to publicly making this request in a forum? Where is your email contact? Incidentally, in order to post this I am forced to sign into my Google account. Another unacceptable annoyance.

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It was a glitch. They sent an email in error. Your account hasn't been touched. Koodo already posted here. And you didn't have to login since there are a bunch of posts with answer already.:-)
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Hey there, Our apologies for the confusing message. it was sent in error. Rest assured that your account has not changed and you are still a monthly customer. We're looking into the the exact cause of the issue but we believe it was simply an incorrect setting. Thanks for the patience and please enjoy the rest of your time overseas.