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I prepaid for Global data but I don't know how to activate on my Samsung phone. Can anyone help?

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That's going to be rather expensive, but sure. What phone do you have? And did you enable the international pay-per-use and international roaming add-ons in Self Serve?
My question wasn't quite right. I have a data booster pre-paid package and I want to use it to access the internet when I am not around wi-fi. I have a samsung s3 phone, I don't know how to get it to work because right now I can't access the internet if I am not around wi-fi.
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Hi Don, it sounds like you need to set the APN settings correctly: http://help.koodomobile.com/plans-add-ons-data-and-other-services/data-basics/how-do-i-setup-data-on-my-non-koodo-phone Click the link "Android" and folllow the instructions 🙂
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Ah, okay. I gotcha. Sophia has the right solution. After that, make sure data is turned on.