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I need to reset my password, but never received the email after multiple tried still nothing

Well I need to reset my password but never received the email

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Hi Daniel,

Take a look at your spam folder in your e-mail. It might of went there.
I did look still nothing
I receive the email this morning but they are all expired
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Hello Daniel.

Try again, maybe you'll receive the e-mail faster that time.
Still nothing
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That's very weird because I usually get the e-mail right away!
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If you are using a gmail address, make sure to take a look under your "Updates" tab as most of those e-mails are automatically stored in that tab instead of your primary inbox.
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Hi Daniel, were you able to reset your password?
Yes yesterday it finnally worked
I am experiencing this exact problem.  Never received the email last night.  Woke up this morning to find the email in my inbox but it had expired.  Requested again this morning and have been waiting 15 minutes with no email yet.  Is there a reason for this taking this long?  Other automated password resets takes seconds.
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Wendy Smith wrote:

I am experiencing this exact problem.  Never received the email last night.  Woke up th...

Hey Wendy,

I cordially invite you to send us a private message via Facebook (https://m.me/Koodo)
or a direct message via Twitter so that we can help you access your account. 

We look forward to assisting you! 
Hi wendy, I know how frustrating this problem is. Unfortunatly I dont really remember what I did to solve the problem but Im pretty sure it solved by itself later that day or the second. I hope yours gonna receive a non expired one soon. Dan