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I'm very tired and frustrated with the Koodo prepaid service - can't figure it out - I guess I'm too dumb

Too confusing..boosters and all that junk and the website is SO slow. I have a headache. 

Time to sleep and recover from all this chaos. 

Koodo, can you please just make life simpler? 

How about 20 bucks for unlimited phone. Done. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Simple, no boosters and weird texting and data and weird stuff..just a simple phone. 

Can't do it? Didn't think so.

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No they're not going go do that because that would be a better value than monthly customers and prepaid cuatomers don't deserve the perks of monthly customers (one being better value) if they don't want to risk their credit or if they neglected their credit over the years and now have bad credit and cant get a monthly line. I took care of my credit, I deserve to have better. The prepaid system is pretty simple to ubderstand. Pick a plan and then choose add-ons if you want, which are called boosters at Koodo. As long as you keep renewing your plan every month on-time, your add-ons will carry over until they've finished. Pretty simple eh? If you have any questions to help you set up your prepaid account, let us know.
My credit is perfect. I just don't want to be locked in since who knows where I'll be in the world working. I was in the states for a few years and I paid for my Koodo phone to be unlocked and it STILL didn't work. I doubt it will work in Europe either.

Also I don't need any texting and other perks. Just a phone in this day and age. And I don't even want too many minutes, just say 100 minutes a month. 

With Skype I can get a real phone number in the US and call unlimited all over North America. It is over the internet of course so can't use it like a cell phone but it costs less than 50 bucks a YEAR!

Somebody is gouging consumers..... Canadian cell phone companies.

Granted, Koodo isn't the worst of the bunch, but still. 

Just need a phone in case of emergencies. I will pay a fair price but not paying more than a company deserves.

What I want to know is what is the profit margin that Koodo makes for their plans? Why don't they publish that?

I bet for the $20 plan I suggested, they are making a killing.
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Kam Lall wrote:

My credit is perfect. I just don't want to be locked in since who knows where I'll be in the worl...

Possibly you should try Public Mobile, where you can get unlimited  talk only for $27/month if you pay 3 months in advance. 

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With Skype, you'd be limited to only making calls at home. You wouldn't be able to use it on any phone because you'd need a data plan for that. Koodo's prepaid system is unique and different than every other carrier. Clearly, you dont like it and from my opinion, its not suitable for you clearly. But for many others who love to have their minutes and data roll-over every month, we love it! Feel free to go to any other carrier and pay X amount of dollars every month for minutes, even if you don't use them. It works for some and doesn't for others. And frankly, it doesn't matter and it's none of your business what Koodo's profit margain is.
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Ahmad wrote:

With Skype, you'd be limited to only making calls at home. You wouldn't be able to use it on any ...

Skype doesn't limit you to making calls at home. Skype2go allows you to call anywhere from anywhere, over any phone, using alternate, local telephone numbers. Of course there is a fee but it's minimal.
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Hi, Kam
If you only need  100 minutes a month, Kood's prepaid is not bad choice.
With $15 per month(30 days) base plan includes Unlimited Text ( I know you don't need any of it, but texting is more common communication these days).  
And you can add $25 Talk Booster which comes with 500 minutes( $0.05/min). If you don't use them up, it will roll over to next month as long as you renew your base plan.
So, say... $15 base plan + $25 Talk Booster=$40 at first month and $15/mo next 4 month or so( if you use 100 min/mo).
Then you can add another booster if you need.

I don't think  $20 for unlimited talk will happen, but I just wanted to say I think  $15 plan +$25/500 min talk booster is one of better deal for basic user out there
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Mayumi wrote:

Hi, Kam
If you only need  100 minutes a month, Kood's prepaid is not bad choice.
With $...

Also if you add a credit card for automatic top ups, you get a free 100 minute booster and don't have to worry about topping up in time. 🙂
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Hi Ahmad. Sorry, but I have to take you to task a bit here. I just read your first para response to the OP 4 days ago, and then your further response a day ago. I was monthly and switched to prepaid because I was not using my minutes or data. Obviously not because of a poor credit rating. With your help and other MM's, I was able to stop the use of "phantom" data on my phone by shutting down all the things the group suggested. Now I use absolutely none. My minutes I use only for something important or if my car breaks down. I chalk your rant up to having had a bad day and maybe the tone was not intended. Mayumi and Daniel's responses is more what I would have expected from you. Everyone of you MM's have been helpful to me and I'm sure many many more people. I have said before that I'm an old guy and this is my first cell phone and first carrier obviously and needed all the help I got from you guys. And Mayumi I agree about the texting thing, it's the best way for me to get a response from my kids, grand kids and great grand kids.