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I'm prepaid with an account balance of $60. I want to pause the payment bc I'm home all the time now.

  • 15 May 2020
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I want to stop the auto-payments from my account balance ($60) so I can use it for when I will actually be using my phone again. I don’t mind getting a new number later when COVID is over.

Reminder: I’m prepaid so I used vouchers to top off my account when I initially set it up. Extra info is my base plan is $15/mo but I know I won’t be using this phone for the next 4 months.

From other posts, I could only find ones that were somewhat related to my problems such as: Pay $15/mo to keep my base plan and number or cancel my card/etc to not pay the monthly fee and risk getting a new number. These do not help me.

Thank you.




2 replies

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Prepaid payment is non-refundable. Unfortunately, you could not “preserve” the amount for later date. If you had  $60 credit in the account and you changed your base plan into $15, that would make your baseplan run for another 4 month.

You could also buy some boosters with the $60 amount, and let the account go into suspension. But you must reactivate the line within 90days to use those boosters or they would be lost.

Also, I would suggest is to remove any “pre-authorized payment” setup that you had with Koodo.

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@bearly, as long as you have a balance in your prepaid account, those funds will be used to renew your base plan. The good news is that $60 will get you 4 months of service “for free”, because you won’t need to top up your $15 account till then :)

If you have auto top up enabled, your credit card won’t be charged until the balance in your account is used up…. your $60 will cover that too.

Does that answer your question?