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I'm going overseas but want phone service. What should I do?

I want to use my phone in Portugal. It's a samsung galaxy. Is there an add on? Or can I swap sim cards for a Portuguese one?

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There are international roaming add-ons, but they just activate the ability to roam overseas. Portugal would be $2.50/min, $0.60/SMS sent and received and $10/MB for data - not cheap. You'd be better off paying $35 to unlock your phone and getting a Portugese SIM with a pay-as-you-go service in Portugal.
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Definitely agree that unlocking & swapping from a local SIM would be cheaper. You won't get your TXT's/Calls from your Canadian # while you're using the Portuguese one though, but still the better choice given how expensive it would be to use your Canadian SIM the whole time. How long will you be in Portugal? If it's for a long time but plan to return to Canada, you might want to consider putting a Seasonal Hold on your account - that way your # will still be yours when you return (but you'll need to select another Plan if the one you're currently using no longer exists).