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I just lost my sim card cant get into my account . Doesnt recognize my name or email or even the number i have had for 3 years

I just lost my sim card i got another one but cant get into ny account . Doesnt recognize my name or email or even the number i have had for 3 years

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All I want to do is set up my new card . I have never been able to get into self serve . Help me soon plz
Don't know my email name or number but automatic top up is still gonna take my money in the a.m. this sucks
Thanks for the help . My wife is pregnant ill be calling the number from my neighbor s phone . My number is 587 712 0420 . Your help was so amazing
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Hi Eli, I have no idea how to resolve your problem, because I am a customer just like you. You do realize that probably 95 % of the people that answer questions on here are also customers just like you and me. 20 minutes doesn't seem long for unpaid customers to get to your question. I know if you wait one of the knowledgeable customers will try and help you. Rarely does an employee come on this forum. 
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If you have let your payments lapse for 90 days, your old account may have been cancelled.

Since you're obviously more concerned with other more important matters, you can start the registration process all over again with your new SIM since it's never been successfully used.


When the dust has settled, you can call Koodo customer service, explain the situation, and possibly get redress and the old number back if that's important. In the meantime, you will have a working phone.

Not an employee so I can't guarantee anything... this is just a suggestion to get you out of a temporary jam.