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I have koodo prepaid, I want the Moto G, am I able to buy it outright from koodo to use on my prepaid plan?

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Yes you can I believe the moto g is 200 outright from koodo. Then you just take-out your Sim card and put it in the new moto g.
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Looks like it's not available on prepaid anymore. I don't see it on the website. So it's monthly plans only. That's kind of unfortunate. I guess what you could do is buy the phone for $150 on MTM, cancel after 30 days, and then continue using the phone with prepaid. But that's about it.
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You could try a store that sells the koodo moto g to just buy outright for 200
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the moto g is still avaliable for prepaid its $250 if you want to buy it for prepaid.
I would even look at going to Best Buy or Factory Direct for buying an unlocked phone.  They generally have a better selection.