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I have a 5 dollar balance. .. what does this mean and how can I use it for a boost

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If you have a 5 dollar balance on your koodo prepaid you can go online to your self serve you can only add 25 any time minutes for $5. You can also go throw *611 and add the booster throw there as well. hope this helps have a great day
I'll give it a try ... thanks
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Hi Tracy, here's a tip for you 🙂 Yes you can use your $5 to get a booster, which will indeed give you 25 minutes call time. But if you add $20 more to your account, you can add the $25 booster to your account instead. Difference is this one will give you 500 minutes... which means you only pay $0.05 per minute instead of $0.25 with the $5 booster. They both carry over as long as you keep your base plan active!