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I got a prepaid sim. set it all up paid for it. put it in my phone but i still have no service?

I have a samsung HTC I took it to a koodo store got a prepaid sim set it all up online. with the unlimited text base plane and the 500 minut call booster. and paid for it then i put it in my phone, the phone recognizes a sim card but says limited service and will not let me text or call help?

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You can't have a Samsung HTC. Those are 2 different manufacturers. Make sure 2G isn't enabled under Settings > More... Mobile Networks and airplane mode isn't on. Try taking out the SIM card and battery (if possible) for a minute and try again. Sometimes there's a delay for prepaid activations.
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Where did you get your phone? It's it unlocked to be able to be used on the Koodo network?