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I feel cheated by Koodo being down for 5 days and I couldn't use my phone!!

I was in Prince George during the 5-day black-out Koodo experienced between Christmas and New Year - is there some way I can be compensated for that? I pay $50 every month, through top-up vouchers, and feel cheated!!!

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When there was an outage in my area, I didn't even notice it and Koodo gave me 25 minutes credit as a present. I suggest you call them... but remember to be nice - honey catches more flies than vinegar. Don't use phrases like "I feel cheated" and they might do something nice for you too 😃
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I don't think there was an outage otherwise you would have heard from more people here than you. Maybe you were in an area of no coverage? Prince George is beautiful but it's quite up north.