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I can't register my number because it says there's somenthing incorrect, but my number and my name are correct. Any suggestion? thanks

I've a koodo number from 2 weeks and it works but today, when I was looking for register my number on the website, it said that name - or my number - are incorrect

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Hi Vincenzo, what do you mean by register, to use self service? Is it a prepaid number or postpaid? Those are two different sites... you need to select the correct one. If you still can't access your online self service account, just call Koodo (*611) and they'll get you in in no time 🙂
I've a prepaid sim
if I write my number, the site says it's incorrect
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Did you try this link, Vincenzo? https://activateprepaid.koodomobile.com/ Or if you already registered, log in here: https://prepaidselfserve.koodomobile.com/ If you can't log in either of those sites with your number and/or email address, you'll need to call Koodo. It's a free call and they will sort you out quick.