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I bought an already activated koodo mobile phone ... I would like to change the number, how do I do this

the Samsung phone I bought used is already activated under koodo I would like to change the phone number to a new one, how do I do this?

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I don't understand. The phone is working? Is it prepaid?
You aren't going to be able to do much if the phone is under some else's name.
yes its a prepaid cell I just bought used, it is activated but need to change the phone no. im guessing I have to talk to koodo to change account ... I just thought there was something I could do self serve
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You'll probably need a new prepaid sim so you can control your account. The sims are twenty dollars but come with a twenty dollar service credit so basically they are free. A koodo kiosk would have these SIMS or you can order one online. Other option is to ask the person you got the phone from for the login information for their prepaid account. Make sure you change the password right away once you get in.