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I applied for 25 min's of calling and it took 5.60 and didn't give me my mins now there is only 5.00 on my account balance

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Tax is on top of the booster purchase.

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Faren, if you don't mind could you give us a bit more information what is exactly your problem. Are you on monthly or prepaid plan?  It took 5.60 min or dollars? Did you apply for or purchased extra 25 minutes?

Be more  specific so it will be easier to help you.
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From your description it sounds as if you topped up $5+tax, but didn't apply it to get the booster itself. That is why you now have $5 in credit but no minutes yet.

Just a heads up: for only $20 more you can get 500 minutes which is probably a much better deal, considering the booster doesn't expire!