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I am travelling to he US.

My Nexus 5.1  pre- paid phone in unlocked.  Can I use my phone there, and how much will it cost to make a call.

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Some experience:

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Also on a side note since you specified that your phone is unlocked I'm assuming that your under the assumption that your phone needs to be unlocked to use your phone outside of Canada where it will connect to other carriers, that is not the case since your still using it with your Koodo SIM Card. You only need your phone to be unlocked to use your phone with a different SIM Card either here in Canada or out of Canada with another carrier and a plan from that carrier. In many instances ppl get their phone unlocked when travelling to be able to just get a prepaid plan and SIM Card with a carrier operating in the country they are visiting as rates are in many cases cheaper than using your home country carrier outside of your home country.