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How to re activate my pay as you go

Hi, I have a pay as you go I didn't top up in time so it has de activated, how do I re activate, I have signed up with my credit card monthly now, but nothing is happening to my phone for me to use again

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If your number has been deactivated already you will have to get a new prepaid SIM card.
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Hi Karen, How long ago did your account get deactivated? If it was more than 90 days ago, as Rudy said chances are you lost your number and boosters. Can you still sign in to self service? https://prepaidselfserve.koodomobile.com/
Hi, It was de activated this morning...
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Hi Karen, I guess you signed up for auto top up, right? Wise, you'll get 10% discount each month 🙂 However, to reactivate your plan, you will need to manually top up once with the amount of your base plan, then it will be active again.